Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Contest Giveaway for the girls! Compliments of

Most girls that I know, including myself like to be aware of how to take care of one's own just in case of those worst case scenarios when our stylist may cancel or overbooked. 
This is where a great site and you tube channel by the name of Lauren Mechelle is a great option to turn to! She gives tips and videos on hair care, how to have a successful outcome of seemingly difficult hairstyles, and products out there that work wonders. 
As a person with difficult, thick, coarse hair I have found this to be the best advice I've received in a very long time! I never heard of steam rollers called Caruso steam rollers and I've recently tried and it has done wonders for my hair. You can find your own path of opportunities depending on your hair type and outcome you want, just look! 

If you go to you can find videos that can give step by step advice
 also you can go to and sign up for a giveaway contest of great hair product give aways!