Monday, February 21, 2011

Bamboo and X & O Earrings...wanted dead or alive! Please bring back DEAD!

Jewelry is such a broad realm within fashion statement's to talk about. There are so many shapes, sizes, colors, metals, materials and so on. You can keep it classy or you  can go super sassy!

There is one topic within jewelry that severely disappoints me: X and O earrings and/or necklace and Bamboo shaped hoops. To me personally, there is nothing worse than the heavy, awkward, and clunky, yet hollow inside 'gold' pieces that have had such a prevalent stay throughout fashion history and urbanized lifestyles. 

XO and Bamboo accessories are cute to a certain extent and for a certain age group. OR even just to wear on one of those crazy, spontaneous, and fun nights such as on Halloween! lol 

Why do I feel this way? Mainly because they exude ghetto fabulousity and unpolished taste if constantly worn seriously. A majority of the times I see this style worn with sneakers or an outfit that screams poor taste in urban fashion.

You may also say: Well, Ive seen Fergie, Megan Good, and Hilary Duff rock these earrings and they looked great. I can agree with that, only because I know they are just having fun (such as the one's with the name plate attached) with them and most likely wear them with more expensive styles and ensembles. 

I say Bamboo and XO are bad fashion statements to give off about your style...why buy some most likely fake gold for 100 to 200 dollars when you can buy some super classy or super fun ear accessories such as on 

Where are most bamboo and xo earrings purchased at? Pawn shops, thrift stores, or Asian run jewelry businesses. This should automatically tell you the quality of what you are purchashing...!

What do you think?



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