Monday, February 21, 2011

R>I>P...Gone, but truly never forgotten! A Tribute to our fallen greats...

One thing I can never do is forget about those who inspired  me throughout my 22 years of life, whether that may be someone I directly know or indirectly love.

In regards to this blog site, I will keep it within the realm of entertainment and music.

I was inspired by this because I came across someone who said "Why are you listening to that old ass song?" :/ ...well, I am a lover of music, films, and entertainment. I do not care of a song was produced in 1992 or all depends on my taste, my mood, and my overall enjoyment of an entertainer.

To this day, I still listen to Aaliyah and bump her music heavy and LOUD! Music is not meant to be thrown out after its popularity has dissipated, but should be treasured throughout a lifetime and listened to no matter what generation, area, or time you may find yourself.

Take a look at the some great people that I truly adore who deserve nothing but remembrance and respect.
Take a moment and also remember what they meant to you... *moment of silence*

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