Monday, February 21, 2011

Meagan Good's new look looks Good!

Meagan Good has been around since I can clearly remember (i.e. 'Cousin Skeeter', movies, and currently 'The Game'). 
She is talented and effortlessly beautiful! <3 
As of 2011, she has a great new look which is totally a mix of simplicity, fun, classiness, and sexiness. 
She wears alot of black and leggings which shows off all of her great features, yet a lot left to the imagination because of  the majority of black she wears that leaves a great silhouette. 

She also puts together alot of ensembles that are very modern, yet simple and anyone can easily resemble her style which gives her the feel of a totally approachable woman. 

She has long been known for her long mane of hair, but she recently cut it off and I'm def digging it. It shows off the great features of her face and gives her a more natural look. 

She has also been rockin' a consistent red lip and its starting to be a look that is always implemented in her style and totally her thing!

She'll make you want to chop your hair off and bust out the red lipstick...

Knee high boots, black on black, red lips, fun accessories, just enough skin showing and flipped hair = Meg Good <3 

Meg still has it going on and I love her. THUMBS UP! 

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