Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Movie Pick of the Week!

I am a huge sucker for a good "chick flick", films that need a box of tissues by your side just to manage, and something that will move your heart and leave you feeling more compassionate! I know someone out there feels me.

If you are in need of an awesome movie to watch that will inspire you about love and life, then 
Dear John  is the movie for you. 
Caution: Will shed a tear or two or few...

It is a modern love story that one can relate to on some level and the 2 main actors are well known Hollywood celebrities that I did not expect to do as well as they did especially from the various movies they have   been in that were not very similar to Dear John...

Amanda Seyfried is populary recognized from her role in Mean Girls, which she did an immaculate job in for that role, but she never really gained much recognition because she was just a supporting actress. 

Channing Tatum (super, duper sexy might I add) gained some popularity through Step Up & Coach Carter,  which he also did great work in. 

These two actors came from two totally different backgrounds and made magic happen together.

I also would like to mention that Tatum has this overwhelming urban swag in every film lol (possibly because he is in a lot of urban movies such as him being a hip hop dancer and basketball player on a majorly black team), which is funny to me, but he makes it work regardless. That brought to the movie a urbanized feel which is great to see when some films can be so cliche and typical characters. (Must be because he's a country boy from Alabama). 

Anyways, I am no certified film critic but regardless WATCH THIS FILM. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

**********P.s. www.netflix.com is a good site to subscribe to because you can watch unlimited movies (a great, wide variety of movies) right from your computer/laptop or plug laptop into TV to watch on that actual screen. It costs about $8/month (great deal might I add), but it is worth it because you can watch limitless movies and not have to worry about leaving home at all!

Enjoy :D



Like to Download Free Music?!

Currently, its pretty difficult to download FREE music due to all of the legal matters that go along with artists and music labels. As of now, music downloading systems such as Limewire are no longer in true existence and is going through a lawsuit. 

It seems as if that aspect of music is slowly dying out...but I have three solutions:

1. www.Napster.com (5 out of 5 star rating!!)

2. www.datpiff.com    (4 out of 5 star rating)

3. www.livemixtapes.com  (3.5 out of 5 star rating)

With the exception of number 1, these sites let you download music for free. But the thing is that numbers 2 & 3 are exclusively meant for mixtape downloads. At first I was a bit weary about this, but as I became more engulfed in these sites I began to really love them and take full advantage of it.  
You can't find all types of music on here though, if you are trying to download classical music you probably wouldnt find it here lol...but if you do like popular, R&B, hip-hop, and rap music then this is perfect for you!
Check it out and let me know what you think. 

As for Napster.com, you would have to select a plan and create an account in order to access fully. 
The plan I choose is $5 dollars per month and I can ease all of my musical  needs on here from Albinoni to LeeAnn Womack to No Doubt to Teairra Marie. I can go on and on. There are also other cool features on here where you can create playlists to play online and offline or listen to a non commercial "radio" of various artists which is good to come across new artists or unheard and/or new songs. Overall it is a great system and totally legal, so no worries about can a label or artist see that I am illegally downloading, which can put one at risk for being sued or other legal issues. As you may know, in the past Napster has had a lot of issues with artists, companies, and labels because of the limitless free downloading it was sponsoring at one point.  The new Napster has a great new look and feel than it did from the early 2000s. 

Hope this was helpful! 


Rach <3

Monday, February 21, 2011

R>I>P...Gone, but truly never forgotten! A Tribute to our fallen greats...

One thing I can never do is forget about those who inspired  me throughout my 22 years of life, whether that may be someone I directly know or indirectly love.

In regards to this blog site, I will keep it within the realm of entertainment and music.

I was inspired by this because I came across someone who said "Why are you listening to that old ass song?" :/ ...well, I am a lover of music, films, and entertainment. I do not care of a song was produced in 1992 or 2011...it all depends on my taste, my mood, and my overall enjoyment of an entertainer.

To this day, I still listen to Aaliyah and bump her music heavy and LOUD! Music is not meant to be thrown out after its popularity has dissipated, but should be treasured throughout a lifetime and listened to no matter what generation, area, or time you may find yourself.

Take a look at the some great people that I truly adore who deserve nothing but remembrance and respect.
Take a moment and also remember what they meant to you... *moment of silence*

Why Blog? Why Me?

I like social networks to a certain extent...I like how you can share pictures and videos. I love how you can keep in touch with old and new friends and family. It is amazing how a majority of the people you know or have come across are basically at my fingertips via blackberry and laptop.

I do however dislike the limitedness that comes along with being a member of a social network, such as Facebook. I am not a huge fan of bombarding my facebook with multiple statuses to try to get my point across, it's just pretty tacky to me (just my personal opinion!) and selfish to the whole community that can get agitated with seeing negative statuses or un-important stats constantly. Trust me, I've repetitiously witnessed this throughout all the years of being apart of FB and I am sure you can agree with me to a certain extent.

Another pet peeve is being messaged or friended by random people you don't know or people you barely know trying to make their way into your life...especially at a University setting, it is pretty awkward. :p

The funny thing though for me though is that before blogging became so popularized, I had this same sort of set up years before as an  actual web address when the internet was fresh and new. OMG I sound so old, but yes I lived through internet dial up service through AOL when I was about 10 to 13 years old. At that time, having your own website was the thing and pretty cool because it was my name...it was something like rachierachrachel.com (def doesn't exist anymore today) and my friends in middle school thought I was pretty technologically savvy and awesome for that lol

I am the sort of person who can not minimize my thoughts under a certain amount of characters. I am an educated, young woman with five years of a great college education (compliments of the University of Connecticut) and have learned the importance of detail. I am also going for my Master's degree and anyone with this sort of lifestyle can understand that writing, writing, writing, and thinking is a main part of being a graduate student. Thus, blogging is perfect for me!
I can state my opinions clearly and efficiently on here in detail and structure, which I absolutely love.

I can go on and on....as of now I have do not have any members following my blog. But, I know this soon will change because I am comfortable with the virtue of patience and the importance of time and sincerity.
I have not really been advertising my blog, because I want people to find it themselves and want to visit on their own besides me being my own paparazzi.

Anyways, I will continue to work on this project regardless of the outcome because I actually enjoy this. It is more fun than just surfing the web or sitting on Facebook listening to everyone talk about themselves or spilling their insecurities for all the public to sit back and laugh about... BLOGGING ROCKS! <3


Rach El 

Meagan Good's new look looks Good!

Meagan Good has been around since I can clearly remember (i.e. 'Cousin Skeeter', movies, and currently 'The Game'). 
She is talented and effortlessly beautiful! <3 
As of 2011, she has a great new look which is totally a mix of simplicity, fun, classiness, and sexiness. 
She wears alot of black and leggings which shows off all of her great features, yet a lot left to the imagination because of  the majority of black she wears that leaves a great silhouette. 

She also puts together alot of ensembles that are very modern, yet simple and anyone can easily resemble her style which gives her the feel of a totally approachable woman. 

She has long been known for her long mane of hair, but she recently cut it off and I'm def digging it. It shows off the great features of her face and gives her a more natural look. 

She has also been rockin' a consistent red lip and its starting to be a look that is always implemented in her style and totally her thing!

She'll make you want to chop your hair off and bust out the red lipstick...

Knee high boots, black on black, red lips, fun accessories, just enough skin showing and flipped hair = Meg Good <3 

Meg still has it going on and I love her. THUMBS UP! 

Do you Love Rachel Zoe, Fashion, Clothes, Earrings, Accessories, Bags & more???!!!

If you love fashion and all aspects of it, well then you'll absolutely love this post!

I am a huge fan of fun, unique, and expressive clothes, bags, and accessories! Sometimes though it's hard to find some unique pieces to give off your true style that is not only limited to mall shopping.

This is when I turn to online shopping :D
You can almost find ANYTHING you can think of that can aid in your personal style, especially if you are willing to spend the $ and actually put genuine time and effort into it.

This is where the good part comes: www.piperlime.com !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

This site has absolutely everything you can think of from earrings to jackets to bags!

It is also maintained by a very prevalent stylist and fashionista (and my total favorite!!) in the fashion world: RACHEL ZOE. She has these features called "Rachel Zoe Picks" where she recommends what she thinks is hot and worth your dough! So it's kind of like having your own personal stylist, especially since there are tons of themes you can chose from to collectively bring your style together to look effortless and stunning: such as
70's chic, tribal, boho-chic, or darling dresses and sooo much more, trust me!

Do you have a budget of under $100 dollars to work with?
This site is for you too then! there is a section called "Girl on a Budget" and it is totally for the frugalista!
Featuring affordable designs from Nine West, BCBGeneration, & Jessican Simpson to lightly name...

Do you have a limitless budget or it's just pretty up there?
This site is for you too, featuring high end designers Moschino, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Dolce Vita to name a few

You can find rare shoes from designers not often found in the mall or local retail stores such as Badgley Mischa, Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B) and Betsey Johnson....

There's something for every kind of woman or girl...for the party girl, the working woman, or the super stylish!

Here are some items from the site: 

Bamboo and X & O Earrings...wanted dead or alive! Please bring back DEAD!

Jewelry is such a broad realm within fashion statement's to talk about. There are so many shapes, sizes, colors, metals, materials and so on. You can keep it classy or you  can go super sassy!

There is one topic within jewelry that severely disappoints me: X and O earrings and/or necklace and Bamboo shaped hoops. To me personally, there is nothing worse than the heavy, awkward, and clunky, yet hollow inside 'gold' pieces that have had such a prevalent stay throughout fashion history and urbanized lifestyles. 

XO and Bamboo accessories are cute to a certain extent and for a certain age group. OR even just to wear on one of those crazy, spontaneous, and fun nights such as on Halloween! lol 

Why do I feel this way? Mainly because they exude ghetto fabulousity and unpolished taste if constantly worn seriously. A majority of the times I see this style worn with sneakers or an outfit that screams poor taste in urban fashion.

You may also say: Well, Ive seen Fergie, Megan Good, and Hilary Duff rock these earrings and they looked great. I can agree with that, only because I know they are just having fun (such as the one's with the name plate attached) with them and most likely wear them with more expensive styles and ensembles. 

I say Bamboo and XO are bad fashion statements to give off about your style...why buy some most likely fake gold for 100 to 200 dollars when you can buy some super classy or super fun ear accessories such as on www.piperlime.com? 

Where are most bamboo and xo earrings purchased at? Pawn shops, thrift stores, or Asian run jewelry businesses. This should automatically tell you the quality of what you are purchashing...!

What do you think?