Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Blog? Why Me?

I like social networks to a certain extent...I like how you can share pictures and videos. I love how you can keep in touch with old and new friends and family. It is amazing how a majority of the people you know or have come across are basically at my fingertips via blackberry and laptop.

I do however dislike the limitedness that comes along with being a member of a social network, such as Facebook. I am not a huge fan of bombarding my facebook with multiple statuses to try to get my point across, it's just pretty tacky to me (just my personal opinion!) and selfish to the whole community that can get agitated with seeing negative statuses or un-important stats constantly. Trust me, I've repetitiously witnessed this throughout all the years of being apart of FB and I am sure you can agree with me to a certain extent.

Another pet peeve is being messaged or friended by random people you don't know or people you barely know trying to make their way into your life...especially at a University setting, it is pretty awkward. :p

The funny thing though for me though is that before blogging became so popularized, I had this same sort of set up years before as an  actual web address when the internet was fresh and new. OMG I sound so old, but yes I lived through internet dial up service through AOL when I was about 10 to 13 years old. At that time, having your own website was the thing and pretty cool because it was my was something like (def doesn't exist anymore today) and my friends in middle school thought I was pretty technologically savvy and awesome for that lol

I am the sort of person who can not minimize my thoughts under a certain amount of characters. I am an educated, young woman with five years of a great college education (compliments of the University of Connecticut) and have learned the importance of detail. I am also going for my Master's degree and anyone with this sort of lifestyle can understand that writing, writing, writing, and thinking is a main part of being a graduate student. Thus, blogging is perfect for me!
I can state my opinions clearly and efficiently on here in detail and structure, which I absolutely love.

I can go on and of now I have do not have any members following my blog. But, I know this soon will change because I am comfortable with the virtue of patience and the importance of time and sincerity.
I have not really been advertising my blog, because I want people to find it themselves and want to visit on their own besides me being my own paparazzi.

Anyways, I will continue to work on this project regardless of the outcome because I actually enjoy this. It is more fun than just surfing the web or sitting on Facebook listening to everyone talk about themselves or spilling their insecurities for all the public to sit back and laugh about... BLOGGING ROCKS! <3


Rach El 

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